Prioritize Your Sleep In 2020 | New Year’s Resolutions

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2020 is right around the corner, and there’s no better time to reflect on our lifestyle and habits, on everything that we’ve accomplished this year, and on what matters most to us. But above all, it’s a time for new resolutions. Although we all probably have good intentions and hopes for the coming year (and decade), new resolutions are often forgotten about, as forming new habits isn’t something easy to do, or maintain. But when it comes to sleep, everyone should be doing their best to adopt habits which will help make their nights more restful on their way to healthier, more productive days.

Nix the Nightcap | Alcohol, Smoking and Sleep

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Sleep is not only affected by our habits during the night, but also by our day-to-day actions and lifestyle; we all know that consuming too much caffeine or taking naps during the day can negatively affect our sleep at night, or that experiencing feelings of stress can cause trouble falling asleep; but what about drinking alcohol or smoking? Some of us find these habits hard to resist, especially on a weekend or after a long day of hard work, but we should all be aware of the hidden dangers behind them, that put our sleep at risk. Learn how alcohol, smoking and sleep are bound together.

The Great Sleep Ranking | The Most Sleep-Friendly Companies

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To get a better understanding of how exactly sleep and work impact each other, and to drive awareness of sleep-related solutions as a strong tool for a healthy and vital work environment, we created the great sleep ranking . We asked 825 employees of 25 companies in the fields of tech, finance and shift-based about their sleep habits, how they perceive their sleep, the way work affect their sleep and vice versa, their opinions about sleep wellness programs and even about their caffeine consumption habits. Here are just some of the fascinating findings we came up with on our way to create a list of the most sleep-friendly organizations. Visit the official survey’s page to get the full results!

Stress and Sleep| Relax Your Way to Restful Nights

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While there are many reasons that may prevent us from getting the good night’s sleep we long for, one of the most common of all is stress; we all experience different levels of stress throughout different phases of our lives, which can sometimes make falling asleep and staying asleep much difficult, and even create a vicious cycle: according to the American Psychological Association, adults who get fewer than 8 hours of sleep a night are more likely to report symptoms of stress.
Luckily, practicing relaxation techniques have been found to be useful in reducing stress levels and facilitating sleep. So how does it work?

Stages of Sleep| Get to Know Your Sleep Cycles

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It’s nighttime. You get into bed after a long day, and if everything goes as planned, you fall asleep and wake up in the morning refreshed and good to go; sounds simple, right? But the fact is, there’s a lot happening while we sleep, and like many other processes in life, our nightly rest is divided into different stages and sub-stages